Already at an early age it became clear that I have a keen sense of language and at secondary school I discovered that I liked learning foreign languages (which I still do). For this reason I decided to study English Language and Literature at Radboud University in Nijmegen. One month before my graduation I found a job as a corrector for a printing company in Oss. Besides my linguistic instinct, my accuracy and eye for detail proved to be quite valuable for completing the tasks this position involved.

A year later, this project ended and I was offered a job in inside sales at the same company. The product group that I worked for, focuses on the production and sales of clinical study materials. My commercial responsibilities included customer contact and translating customer requirements into clear and accurate specifications for the production of these study materials. Additionally, I carried out translation work for this company (e.g. brochures).

After about eight years I started working for a company that focuses on selling solutions with respect to digital data capture and storage, once again in a commercial position. Given that my start in this position and the foundation of the company occurred practically simultaneously, I – together with five colleagues – was closely involved in the development of this company. The diversity of responsibilities resulted in a rich work experience. Rich from an organizational, communicative and administrative point of view. On top of that, I took care of translation, both of the company’s website and the various marketing materials.

With all the knowledge and skills I have developed over the years, I started to become interested in pursuing my career in a different manner. Affinity for language and text and a desire for more professional autonomy made me decide to start working as a self-employed copy writer, translator and language teacher. And I have not regretted this decision for one moment!