For translations from Dutch to English and vice versa I charge €0.09 per word.

A Dutch or English text can be created or optimized in several ways, varying from relatively simple to fairly intensive. For this I offer you a choice between three different approaches:

    • Proofreading and correction: I will correct grammatical errors and check the text’s syntax. This mainly applies to texts written by (somewhat) experienced writers. Hourly rate: €25
    • Rewriting: your text will be fully revised by me. A reason for this could be that the text simply does not flow smoothly or convey the right feeling or message. Hourly rate: €30
    • Writing: of course I would be more than happy to relieve you of writing altogether. We will thus arrange a meeting so that I can collect the information you wish to be converted into writing and I will subsequently create your text for you. Hourly rate: €35

    Each text is unique. By discussing the text with you in advance, I will be able to give you a fairly accurate indication of the time required and price.


    Private persons
    When it comes to language courses and language coaching I charge an hourly rate of €35. The total sum of a course, therefore, is determined by the length of a training session (one hour, an hour and a half, two hours) and the number of sessions. In short, I am very flexible and open to your language requirements.

    Also, I happily provide professionals and companies with language courses and language coaching. As for the length of a course and its individual sessions I apply the same flexibility as described above (under Private persons). The rate I charge for this is €35 per hour.

    The general terms and conditions of Olga Suppers Taal & Tekst apply to all my quotations and assignments. Click on the following link to view/download these: General Terms and Conditions Olga Suppers Taal & Tekst