English and Dutch courses and coaching


It is no longer possible to imagine Dutch society without the use of English. Whether it concerns companies or training centres, English in the Netherlands is used more and more as a medium of communication. That is why employers and training centres expect much when it comes to the ability of Dutch people to express themselves in English.

Reversely, knowledge and command of Dutch can be helpful for non-native speakers who live and work in the Netherlands. For themselves, but also for their employer. After all, don’t you agree that being able to communicate with native speakers in their mother tongue, is practical and pleasant?

Are you interested in deepening or brushing up your knowledge and command of English or Dutch? I would be pleased to help you do so. I am very flexible with respect to the industry or sector your language course should focus on, the length of the course and the length of a training session. I can provide an English course that focuses on international sales, on the hotel and catering industry, on conversation or prepare a Dutch course for non-natives. These are only a few examples. To put it briefly, I offer custom-made language courses (from and towards any language proficiency).

Are you looking for a competent language teacher? Feel free to contact me via 06-13323709 or send an e-mail to info@olgasuppers.nl.