Since Dutch people relatively often communicate in English, one may conclude that everyone is capable of providing proper translations, from English to Dutch and vice versa. That is a misconception.

Despite the fact that English is fairly accessible to Dutch people, it is wise to consult a specialist when you need a translation. First of all, a translator should have good language comprehension skills. Also, having an extensive vocabulary as well as expert knowledge of spelling, grammar and syntax is very important. Regarding both the source language and the target language.

Each text is unique and translation of it requires empathy. Furthermore, good communication between the client and the translator is vital. Before I start translating your text, I will discuss it with you, so that you can specify your requirements. Do you like me to remain close to the source text? Or do you prefer me to go about it more freely? Of course the kind of approach also depends on the type of text. I will make sure to understand your text and its context, in order to provide you with a translation that meets your expectations.

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